One comment on “Playing the blues is like having to be black twice – B.B. King

  1. “Blues is easy to play but hard to feel.” I think it should be said that it is easy to play but very difficult to play well. It has been my experience in talking to blues musicians (which is something I do virtually every day) that the great ones all agree that blues is a language. The cats who aren’t very good blues musicians all agree that blues is a feeling. Since everybody has feelings then I suppose logic dictates that if you know three chords then you are blues man. Again it is about speaking a certain language fluently. In other words you don’t feel Chinese, you speak Chinese. It is helpful if you grew up around people who spoke that language. If not then years of study would be required to speak the language and even more time and experience to understand the subtle nuances, dialects and colloquialisms associated with that language. Another concept rarely if ever discussed, is if blues came out of violence and oppression as a result of slavery than why didn’t blues develop in the rest of the America’s where slavery was also an omnipresent part of the agrarian experience. Just floating some concepts out there that are not part of the normal discussion as it relates to blues music.

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