2 comments on “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe: the blues versus racism

  1. Hi, Gary,
    Thanks for visiting my blog “Retired But Not Shy” and looking at the posts on “Blues Theology.” Given the thrust of your blog, Blues and Faith, I can see why you “liked” mine. Your post above also hit home for me, since a year or so ago I posted an essay at my blog called “Race–and History–Matter,” which makes some of the same points you do, though without the Blues references.

    • Thanks George. Nice to connect. I’ll go check out the post you mention. Also, you might be interested to know I’ve a book coming out in a couple of months called “The Gospel According to the Blues” which looks at Christian faith through the lens of the history of the blues. Keep an eye on the blog which will flag when it’s published. best regards Gary

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