5 comments on “It’s 2015 and we are talking about black and white skin. Why?

  1. I am lucky I belong to a country where racism is not so evident. But today I really got the taste of it in a French Movie hall and may be that is not so common to me , so I am unable to let it go. The hall fills up as first come first serve basis. We were little late as we were waiting for some friends. I saw two empty seats in the back row and went to seat there, and a french man told me not to seat there, somebody is here. Later I saw none was there. Next once the movie ends, another french guy roughly stroke on my hand , and told me that we (me and my friends) should be ashamed and we have no respect of people, made all the noise in the movie hall. I was so shocked i forgot to utter any protest. I never even seen him before to show any respect or disrespect. and I clearly remember I only laughed when every one else did. And I can say that for my friends as well. They were little bit ahead , so he attacked me. Later I saw he was laughing with the accompanying girl pointing towards us.. If french people or any people keep doing this,then I think they cannot complaint later why nonwhite people hate them..And I want to say to ‘that poor french thing’, I am very proud of my brown skin and being a superior human being from him from all aspects.

  2. First let me say, great book on the Blues and the Gospel! I really like your description of Psalms and Job as the Blues books of the Bible. Five months ago I finished chemo but the recovery process is very slow, tomorrow a dr is putting a scope down into my lungs to sample the persistent infection that seems to linger there. Deep fatigue is an ongoing issue and the drs best response as to when it will get better is real soon now, ie they don’t know. Lately I read Billing’s Rejoicing in Lament which I also found helpful.

    Discrimination has a lot more aspects than just race, appearance and color. When my faither first took my mither home to meet his parents and sister, his sister said that they would not have any of the dirty Irish in their house. Then turning to mother she asked what her background was. Mother said Irish. My father said there was silence in the house of Wallace for the space of an hour. Some of mother’s people immigrated to Canada in about 1860 or so due to the potato famine, since they were presbyterian I expect they came from the north of Ireland. DaveW

    • Dave, thanks for the kind comments about the book. And also for the rest of your thoughtful post. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you struggle with illness. And, yes, of course you are right about the wider issue of discrimination. I guess that’s what the particular situation of the blues and race can alert us to. Best regards, Gary (ps if you’ve time and were so inclined, a quick review on Amazon would be much appreciated!)

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