2 comments on “Kenny Meeks’ bluesy Americana: “I just want my songs to make the listener feel welcome.”

  1. Hi, My name is Richard Wall, and I’m an independent writer from England.
    My debut novel, Fat Man Blues, begins in present-day Clarksdale and journeys to the Mississippi Delta in the 1930s.
    I wondered if you would be interested in featuring my novel, or maybe scheduling an interview on your blog?
    I have a literary agent in London, and between us we are trying to land a mainstream publishing deal, and we believe that the kudos of having my book featured on blogs such as downatthecrossroads will help raise its profile.
    Fat Man Blues is getting good reviews on Amazon, has been mentioned on the BBC, and has attracted interest from independent film companies (the screenplay adaptation is currently being considered by the agent of an A-List Hollywood actor). In addition to this, Rita King (daughter of Blues Legend, BB King), and Joseph Morganfield (son of Muddy Waters) have praised the book widely.
    The book was written following my own blues pilgrimage to MS, and in appreciation of the kindness I experienced on my trip I made an arrangement with the gift shop in the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale whereby they keep all royalties, and all profits from their sales remain within the DBM.
    Here’s a link to Fat Man Blues on amazon , and here’s a link to the book promo video on Youtube.
    Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.
    Best regards

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