5 comments on “Joanna Connor: “The blues is honest music. There’s no pretense involved and that’s appealing.”

  1. Many Thanks for this amazing presentation. I came across Joanna Connor on YouTube some time ago and wondered why she is not more popular. So I’m happy to see her work together with Joe Bonamassa. The sound, the energy and the arrangements are really great and remind me the work of Kevin Shirley, Bonamassa’s own producer, the obvious influence of Joe.
    I’m really impressed by Joe Bonamassa, not only by his extraordinary guitar playing but also by his personality. I always wonder why he seems still somewhat despised by many blues fans (too clean, too perfect, not enough soul, or just too good and a too nice white guy?) Just see his actual Live from Nerdville Interview Series with Music Greats on his YouToube channel (actual episode 39 with Joanna Connor, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q96QFaqKt7g). I appreciate his very respectful interview style and the sound knowledge he has about his various guests. If you don’t know yet, have a look. He has the gift to bring the best out of other people, as he did also years ago in his collaboration with Beth Hart.
    Thanks again for this great insight.

  2. Thanks for this. I agree with all you say. I just don’t get the spite that Joe Bonamassa gets. He’s hugely talented, works extremely hard and, as you say, seems to be able – and willing – to bring out the best in others. What’s not to like? I loved Guitar Man. And thanks for highlighting the Live from Nerville episode.

  3. Great interview! I’ve been familiar with Joanna for a few years and always liked her. I’ve also been a fan of Joe for a very long time and have seen him many, many times. It takes a special kind of person to step and be as generous as he is. The future of the blues is in safe hands with Joe at the helm!

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