Eliza Neals: 10,000 Feet Below

Eliza Neals 10,000 Feet Below (E-H Records)

Another fine blues-rock outing from the talented Detroit-based Eliza Neals. Down at the Crossroads liked her last album, Breaking and Entering, and noted her powerful raw and emotional vocals. We get some more of that to enjoy here too, in eleven songs, ten of which are originals, written or co-written by Neals. The other song is Skip JamesHard Killing Floor, a reverb-drenched, piano-driven affair, which Neals pulls off with some aplomb, aided by Howard Glazer’s penetrating solo guitar.

Glazer’s guitar work throughout the album is quite outstanding and is given full reign on Call Me Moonshine. Responsible for co-writing three of the songs, Glazer’s blazing guitar drives this album of blues rock superbly, but never overpowers the songs’ arrangements or Neals’ classy vocals.

There are guest appearances from Johnny Winter guitarist, Paul Nelson, who plays some tasty acoustic guitar on Cold Cold Night and legendary R&B guitarist Billy Davis who graces the final track At the Crossroads.

Don’t be put off by the cover of this album – the music is terrific, the songs strong and Eliza Neals is the real deal.