Paul Sherry, Let It Flow

Paul Sherry, Let It Flow, Flow Records

Paul Sherry is one of Ireland’s best blues rock guitarists. Best known thus far for being the lead guitarist in the Grainne Duffy Band (and Ms. Duffy’s husband), he’s now released an album of his own, ten beautifully crafted songs that highlight not only his considerable guitar chops, but his considerable song-writing skills and fine vocals.

The album has a classic rock feel about it, not least because of Sherry’s singing, at times rasping, at times soaring powerfully, other times imploringly husky but always with a deliciously gritty edge. There’s little in the way of the searing guitar solos that Sherry is capable of – one or two of those might have been nice – but it’s more than made up for by the strength and arrangement of the songs.

There are ten of them and the album is clearly meant to be listened to as a whole, progressing as it does from a more full-blown rock feel in the first five songs to four acoustic numbers, by way of a transitional instrumental track, Reflect. Sherry has said the album is “like a meditation” and you get a sense of that as you listen through.

It kicks off with the title track, Let It Flow, with some nice strummed acoustic guitar and Paul singing a few lines of the song – you straightaway get what this album is all about – before the full band kicks in to give a great melodic anthem that you’d just love to hear live. The next four songs continue the classic rock vibe, with great melodies and hooks, and the arrangements, with variety, musical dynamics and fine musicianship are ones you want to go back and play again.

The four more acoustic songs are ones to savour. I particularly like Better Days, full of yearning and hope. Better days are what we all are hoping for. The album finishes with the beautiful Love and Light, a fitting close to an excellent album. Hopefully there’ll be more from Mr Sherry in the future.

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