3 comments on “Hottest blues chicks? Sexism in the blues has not gone away

  1. Interesting article but I whole heartedly disagree with the premise. Obviously, “New York based guitarist” is referring to Johnny Childs – Founding president of the NYC Blues Society, creator and director of International Blues Music Day, producer and director of The Junkman’s Son film, blues festival producer, avid blues promoter, host of the Johnny Childs Podcast and a fabulous blues musician in his own right. I see Johnny around town at the jams and I can vouch for the fact that his heart is in the right place. To say the author has jumped to conclusions would be the understatement of the century.

    • Thank you for the comment Michael and for the courteous way in which it was made. I am quite sure Johnny Childs has made an excellent contribution to the blues. Given, however, the way in which the website explicitly invited people to judge these women only on physical appearance, I’m not sure how I’ve jumped to conclusions. Regards, DATC

      • Thanks for your reply, I just saw this. I understand that focusing on a singular sentence in the rules about ‘not considering talent’ may sound bad. But it is still important to provide context when writing a strongly worded article such as this. It would help readers come to their own conclusions based on a the overall issue and not one sentence which imo is being taken our of context here and I’ll explain. It would also show that the writer is at least making a minimal effort at being objective. For anyone that seeks context about the Hottest blues chick contest referred to in this article there’s two things you should know. First, it was clearly a promotion for Johnny’s weekly podcast (which is a blues, talk, comedy format) in which he explains the context and contest and responds to it’s critics in episodes 2,3,4,5 and 6. But if the issue here is based on the specific line in the ‘contest rules’ about ‘not considering talent’, the appropriate context for that can be seen by panning out and looking at in the sentence before and after. I’ll copy and paste it.
        You can only vote once. Or add a name.
        Simply preview Nominees below and vote!
        NOTE: This is a Blues beauty contest!
        Please do NOT consider level of talent or who you know personally. This is strictly about HOT HOT HOT!!! These are ALL established, talented and award winning blues artists. We’re here to celebrate and augment all of those accomplishments, by focusing on their natural beauty as well.

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